2017 Christmas Letter & Photos

After beginning our letter for this year….I realized that I was remembering the same thing over and over. This was the summer of the search for electricity.

First it was our trip to the Southwest…..but when we heard they had closed the airport in Phoenix because it was too hot to fly…..so we decided it was too hot for the Henleys as well; so we headed for the mountains in Colorado. We were already having a hard time finding campgrounds that had electricity where we were. (Important, when it’s that hot.)  Our friend, Dan Steenhagen, flew out to meet us. He and Jim did a lot of hiking, while Ruthie kept running out of books. We did some book shopping in thrift stores in Cripple Creek and Leadville and faced the disappointment of finding many of our favorite places from our trips when our children were little simply were no longer there or were all different.

Second was Hurricane Irma coming thru just after we returned to Florida. We were under a mandatory evacuation order since we live in a manufactured home….even if we are in the middle of the state. We also knew we’d better take our travel trailer to a safer place. So we evacuated first west and north to GA where the hurricane followed us (it was supposed to head north along the coast)….and we moved on to AL where it still followed, but was only rain by the time it reached where we were. We found a state campground that had electricity. (Did I mention it was hot?)

After the rain quit, we figured we’d better head home and begin the clean-up. After talking with neighbors, we knew our home was still there, but there was no electricity and no water at first. Our clean-up went well and the water was on by the time we got home. We did have to spend several days at Carla’s house or at a mall. (I did say it was still really hot, right?)

The electricity came back after a week or so…..but keeps going off again…..but at least it’s only for a few hours now. We have much sympathy for Puerto Rico.

On to the bragging about our family!

Our grandchildren are amazing….yes they really are! Carrington is in the Navy stationed on a destroyer based in Jacksonville, FL. He was able to come to our house for Thanksgiving. Brette is a Sr. at Clemson. She is going to be a wonderful teacher. Adam is studying music sound systems, etc. at a school in Atlanta. Jacob is majoring in astrophysics at the University of North Florida. Robert is a freshman at the University of South Carolina. Tara a Jr. in high school, is still running cross country and ice skating. Busy, busy, busy.

Our children are also busy, successful and still silly. They don’t seem to mind when we call….or even when we forget to call.

We spend a lot of our time at our church. We volunteer wherever we are needed. God continues to bless us in so many ways. A major one is wonderful friends like you!!!!   That’s anyone who is reading this.  Christmas is the day God gave us His greatest gift…..His Son!

Highlight Photos for the Year