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We are approaching our last days in Colorado for this year. If you read this please let me know. In case you don’t know, Dan Steenhagen has been with us for the past two weeks. Dan & I have hiked almost every two days and we explored as much of Colorado as possible in those two weeks.

Currently we are camped in a commercial RV park about 15 miles from Colorado Springs. Our total time here will be 10 days and then Dan will fly back to Orlando and Ruthie and I will begin to head east. Not sure how long we will take but right now the plan is to be in Greenville SC on the 21st for the eclipse. We may change our mind and just head to Orlando but that is not likely. At any rate we should be home around the 25th of August.

Here are some photos (most are already on Facebook) from yesterday in Garden of the Gods park. Just click the album and then use the play button in the lower left or use the ‘next’ and ‘previous’ buttons on the image.

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