Almost Christmas

Here it is almost Christmas! We’re getting ready to travel to Rhode Island to spend Christmas with our son Larry and his family. It is hard to leave our warm Florida home knowing we may be pretty cold for the next couple of weeks but we are anxious to see our Northern family.

This has been a pretty good year for us. We had a nice summer even though we didn’t get to visit the planned photo places. You can read about that over in our 2017 Christmas letter (with highlight photos). One of the highlights was having Dan Steenhagan fly out to Colorado and spend over two weeks with us. He and I got in some good hikes and visited some of the historic western towns in Colorado. Ruthie and I really missed having the Other Ruth with us though. 

If all goes well and we stay healthy my plan is to leave earlier next year in order to get down to the southwest before it gets too hot. I really have some photo sites planned that should be a lot of fun.

One last note: Ruthie didn’t mention in her newsletter but I have continued to hike each week with the Florida Trail group. It has really been a lot of fun and I look forward to a new hiking year starting in January.

God bless to all!

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  1. Thanks for sharing. I hope you guys have a great time seeing your grandchildren (and of course their parents) on your Christmas trip this year. It was nice being able to check to see where you were. Also loved reading the Christmas Letter (thanks Ruthie). Just wanted to wish you both a Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year. Love you – Hazel

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      Thanks Sister!
      Wish we could stop by on our way home from RI but we are on a tight schedule. Hope you and Bob are well and enjoy a nice Christmas.

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